Enlightened music and the culture of peace for the new millennium – Andrea Ceccomori

8 Jul 2022 - Music

Enlightened music and the culture of peace for the new millennium – Andrea Ceccomori

The first task of illuminated music is to make the mind and the world of which it is an expression perfect, just as a mirror of water is made perfect in a lake surface, without alterations from external pressures. Thus the mind should contain its infinite potential thanks to an awareness of that dimensionless point in the consciousness that traces its own traits on a white sheet. The sheet is the mind, the music is the pencil, the conscience is the hand that guides the pencil. In music the forces are contained in a necessary and essential balance, so that the music is music and not mere noise.
The equilibrium forces of music tend the things they represent and evoke, orienting them towards the same equilibrium inherent in its nature.
The endemic force of music harmonizes the things it evokes because it makes them partakers of its very nature: balance, form, structure. The power of music is the evocation, the calling of objects, things, people, animals by your name, every created thing has the name that only music knows. It attributes a name and a number to everything to allow it to exist. Just as in Genesis God told Adam to name all things.
Thanks to the cohesive power of consciousness, emanation of the unmanifest, music is granted the representative and cohesive power of the world we know, of the visible and invisible world: for this reason, it is important that the musician has confidence in this power, without fear of probing. the recesses of the soul, because they are absolutely natural and innate to its very nature, simple essential, limpid, light.
Music allows the evolution of the world in a spiral ascensional process towards its center, but it requires the participation of consciousness, the awareness of being the uncaused cause, even if it does not reveal itself to one’s eyes, it is there at the beyond all consideration, it is the I am of the phase 6 of the enlightened musician.
Such an awareness therefore illuminates the world that music represents and therefore the whole world that is involved and illuminated by the music, absorbs all the characteristics of form, balance and, play strength, of peace.
Peace here is not understood as the idea of the absence of war or conflicts or opposing and facing forces but as a natural existential condition, as a need for manifestation, as the substantia of things and of creation. The struggle, the friction, the war, the effort is necessary in case the achievement of peace beyond the boundaries of duality.
The whole culture of peace, an area of enlightened music, which frames human expression remodeled according to musical and proportional principles, is the result of the renewed musical conception awakened by the conscience, and consequently the culture of peace goes beyond pacifism, that is, from research an absence of conflicts. It itself is peace, that is, harmony, a quiet proportional result of originally contrary and opposite forces but which find their own death or confluence in the pacification, due to the same origin.
To rest in peace after physical death, as they say, the eternal requiem, in fact alludes to this principle of unity, the perennial inexhaustible source of every manifestation, but where, in reality, nothing is missing because it is the whole, the genesis of every principle, the reality in which every process is born and dies, that is, it manifests itself at the touch of its sound.
Thus every people, nation, every community aware of the same origin, taught precisely by music and its origin, behaves ethically according to harmonious principles in a right way, in their actions, thoughts, orientations, ambitions, activities.
Harmony in music as harmony in peoples. This is the culture of peace that will be developed by a renewed concept of music, precisely inspired, illuminated by its own origin, by its own source. As we know music is a jumble of multiple languages, each combined with its own nature, purpose, function, degree and diversification of which it is an expression, so is the knowledge of the world that consciousness illuminates: a multiplicity of beings, worlds, places, systems. Now, the more the consciousness is aware of its ineffable origin, the more the light will be broad and will illuminate not only through the cone of light that illuminates a single part, but a large beam of light that illuminates a whole and even more.
The vision is not the image: the image is the result of the vision, for this it is necessary that the vision be clear and total in order not to look only into the cone of light which is illuminated by a partial vision ………

Book excerpt:
The inspired and enlightened musician, Andrea Ceccomori, 2020


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