ars pace

Ars Pace intends to promote the fundamental values of Peace in the world through Culture and the Arts.

ars pace

Ars Pace intende promuovere i valori fondamentali della Pace nel mondo attraverso la Cultura e le Arti.

Synopsis Ars Pace

Ars Pace intends to promote the fundamental values of Peace in the world through Culture and the Arts. The main objective of the project is to restore balance and harmony by adopting a true dialogue of Peace through the language of music, culture, science and economics, addressing issues such as: cultural heritage and training activities; music and identity; environment and territory; politics and development, peacemakers and crisis areas; integration and hospitality.

Art, music and architecture are the true universal language that does not need translation and allows to reach, directly, not only many peoples, but above all, the intimacy and the innermost sensitivity of people.
Each person involved contributes, on the basis of their experiences and knowledge, to the primary goal of peace-building. All of this is closely connected to delicate international relations, intercultural dialogue and social integration which represent a singular challenge for the present and the future.
The commitment is to support the protection of human rights and fundamental rights, promoting culture and studying specific actions of prevention of conflicts and safeguard to protect the extraordinary cultural heritage that risks being destroyed in crisis areas by the ferocious will to annihilate symbols that constitute the heritage that represents the deepest identity of a people.
Each initiative is studied in depth to give a memorable message of peace and solidarity, the result of sharing, which is useful in that place and at that moment, in order to bring a state of peace and serenity, which is achieved when everything coexists in perfect harmony and freedom, managing to find a balance in themselves.
Our event-initiatives always intend to convey an ad hoc message, through performances, music, exhibitions and special conferences on cultural heritage, territory, environment, art, science, aesthetics, music and peace, with international speakers.
Ars Pace is a fraternity of people who recognize art as a propitious tool for announcing and building peace. Each occasion will be dedicated to a special action of peace and charity, which also aims to relieve physical and moral suffering, physical and economic hardship.
Ars Pace intends to create a dynamic program with the aim of enhancing the beauty and harmony that Art manages to create, even intimately, in our world. Beginning with music and its powerful symphony of sounds, all the arts of the nine Muses, including science, architecture, entertainment and others, will be our messengers of peace. Our project will try to reach places where people are willing to appreciate and recognize the values contained in Ars Pace, which means Art at the service of Peace, working together to enhance their human capacity in order to reach a deep and widespread awareness of Peace.
Ars Pace made its debut in Assisi (City of Peace) in the summer of 2021 by organizing an event with the European Parliament; supported the publication “Overcoming the Pandemic”; is collaborating on an Erasmus + European project and is planning special events in some significant places in the world.

The logo

The logo, acronym for ars pace, represents the dragonfly: to find freedom in peace.

The stylized dragonfly is a symbol of freedom, peace, balance and awareness. The name Libellula derives from the Latin term “libra”, that is balance, since while it is in flight it keeps its wings in a horizontal position; some trace back to the Latin term “libellum”, diminutive of liber with the meaning of “free”. The Dragonfly is seen as the symbol of transformation, of the mutability of life; it teaches us to go beyond appearances by encouraging us to find our own identity and to affirm our personality.

The activities


Andrea Ceccomori with orchestra: music as a messenger of peace follows his concept of research on the "inspired and enlightened musician" motivated by peace and sacred music, improvisations, compositions, classical and contemporary pieces, 432 Hz, evergreen and much other. The presence of guest artists, especially young people, is fundamental for the intercultural dialogue between nations and generations. Concerts take place in different venues, such as: theatres, churches, concert halls, museums, gardens and special natural sites.


Conferences called “Peace Deal Forum” with the participation of: Enrique Barón Crespo, Monica Baldi, Anna Rüdeberg. The Peace Forum is a special conference on cultural heritage, territory and environment, art, aesthetics, music and peace, with international speakers and appropriate guests; where the awareness of peace in art, society and the economy is also highlighted, taking into account the multiple environmental factors. Each event is dedicated to a special peace and charity action.

Courses, seminars and masterclass

Andrea Ceccomori: The concept of "inspired and enlightened musician" for peace in music on two aspects: "Get inspired": dedicated to all musicians who want to deepen inspired and enlightened music for peace; "Deep listening": training of the public for deep and new listening to music.

Award Cerimony

Concert for the bestowal of the ARS PACE and BATON FOR PEACE Prize. Each year the Ars Pace prize will be awarded to the best students who will be awarded scholarships and the Baton for Peace prize to the best testimonial musicians. The artists, considered Messengers for Peace (Legati Pacis), and the winning students will be invited to develop and promote this project in the world.

Patronage and Partners

Board of Directors

Enrique Barón Crespo

Monica Baldi

Andrea Ceccomori

Alessandro Vinattieri

Anna Rüdeberg

Consiglio Direttivo

PRESIDENTE Enrique Barón Crespo


SEGRETARIO Andrea Ceccomori

TESORIERE Alessandro Vinattieri


The events



ars pace

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