Dante Alighieri, from Hell to Heaven

6 Feb 2021 - Culture

Dante Alighieri, from Hell to Heaven

Twelve online meetings on the occasion of the 700th year of Dante’s death

6 February / 1 May / 5 June … – from Hell to Heaven – twelve online meetings on the occasion of the 700th year since the death of Dante Alighieri coordinated by Andrea Ceccomori with Anna Ruedeberg.

The meetings are aimed in particular at immigrants in Italy and Italian emigrants abroad, to promote cultural integration.

The meetings are monthly, on the first Saturday of each month at 18.00 (CET). The speakers who will exhibit the poet and his works are experts and particularly passionate about Dante. They will be able to explain Dante’s journey into the otherworldly world described in the Divine Comedy in simple and easy language for everyone.

The initiative is organized together with Acli Arte Spettacolo of Perugia, Lautoradio, Arcipelago Libri, Assisi Suono Sacro, Ars Pace with the collaboration of Acli Perugine, CTA Perugia, Acli Terra Perugia, Compagnia In, Alma Andina, La casa degli Artisti Perugia.

Two schools in the Perugia area have joined the initiative: IC Perugia 13 and IC Perugia 14.

The whole project is based on volunteering. Any contributions collected during these meetings will be donated to the schools of the Perugia area.

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